Joyce A. Aros
Dirty deed 2...
Wed Jan 12, 6:08

Hi Eddie,
Well, from my side of the coin, one can only imagine Ike's disappointment over the failed success of the attempt to finish off an Earp after his brother's killing. Not unusual to make such a comment; doesn't really apply to Ike's actual participation.

And Ike has backing for his not being at the time and place of the assassination attempt. That has been established in both cases; Morgan's demise and Virgil's ordeal.

I have heard people at times make similar comments about some failure that they felt didn't go right by someone else. It's not a hanging offense!

As for Parson's account, he 'surmised.' That is the right word. It's called guesswork. He was a close associate of the Earps and had strong feelings. One can hardly blame him but it is not evidence.

Though I am strongly viewed as a biased cowboy supporter, that is really not a fair evaluation, though I am sure someone just dropped their coffee cup after that statement. I simply recognize, or at least I think I do, that there are always two sides to every story. The Earps were a bunch of thugs and pimps and none of them too bright. Their records are nothing to be proud of.

On the other hand, the 'cowboys' you think of were frontiersmen that were hard as nails and trying to eke out a living in various ways in an unforgiving environment. Were they wearing white hats all then time? Of course not. Many were just youngsters when the civil war ended and were thrown out in the world to figure out how to exist. Kind of like the final days of the Great Depression of the 1930's. No welfare, no food stamps, no government hand-outs and no sympathy because everyone was in the same boat.

So young men with no skills and no opportunities ended up working ranches for room and board and city men like the Earps sold women and looked for a way to make a faster buck at the gaming tables and whatever. Each made the best out of what their environment offered; but some handled it better than others, You may not think much of the cowboys, but they scrambled for a living, they didn't lay around and use some teen-age girls to work for them. They lived in a time period when racial views were vicious and so robbing a Mexican was not frowned upon by anyone, not even the Earps. cattle rustling was called using a 'long rope,' and for the ones who did it, it was usually for beer money. The Clantons and McLaurys and most of their associates (not all) were trying to establish ranches and farms. Their records are also on paper. Do a little reading. It is quite interesting.

Didn't mean to lecture; just tired and get my back up once in a while. Old people do that!

But I really do enjoy exchanges with you,

    • Dirty Deed 2Eddie Lanham, Wed Jan 12 3:47
      Besides Wyatt's testimony, McMaster testified that he had a conversation with Ike in Charleston the night of the shooting in which he (Ike) said he'd "have to go back and do the job over". Also, Parso... more
      • Dirty deed 2... — Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jan 12 6:08
        • RanchersEddie Lanham, Wed Jan 12 9:25
          Joyce, We could go back and forth on this for days and never agree. I honestly believe that the McLaurys were ranchers, but I believe the Clantons, at least the "Old Man" and Ike, were as my mother wo... more
          • Eddie;ranchers....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jan 12 9:47
            Hi there, Eddie Thank you for the kind invitation. I would love to attend TTR next time but I have been afraid I'd be shot at some point so have stayed home and tried to keep my mouth shut. You hav... more
    • MurderPam Potter, Tue Jan 11 5:29
      Have you read Roy Young's WWHA Journal article Who Killed Morgan Earp? or seen the WWHA YouTube video on the same topic? It is more than just" Wyatt's Thoughts". more
      • Pam/ I admit I have not....Joyce A. Aros, Tue Jan 11 5:39
        Hello Pam, I have to admit I have not read the article or if I had it is so long ago I had forgotten the details. I will follow your suggestion and look it up as there is always more to examine on th... more
        • Thanks to Pam...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Jan 11 16:09
          Pam, I did watch the video and enjoyed it very much. It was a very pleasant presentation, very reasonable. However, it really doesn't answer the question as to who tried to assassinate Virgil, wh... more
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