Joyce A. Aros
Wed Jan 12, 9:47

Hi there, Eddie

Thank you for the kind invitation. I would love to attend TTR next time but I have been afraid I'd be shot at some point so have stayed home and tried to keep my mouth shut. You have no idea how difficult that is for me.

But my buddy Tom Gaumer always invites me but I don't want to spoil his visit. I will give it consideration if you want to take the gloves off. I think it might be fun!

Thank you,

    • RanchersEddie Lanham, Wed Jan 12 9:25
      Joyce, We could go back and forth on this for days and never agree. I honestly believe that the McLaurys were ranchers, but I believe the Clantons, at least the "Old Man" and Ike, were as my mother wo... more
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