More Canadian contributions
Tue Feb 08, 1:09

Canada’s participation in the 1944 D-Day landing at Juno Beach. 14,000 well trained Canadian soldiers rapidly hit the beach and quickly moved inland which had an indirect effect of decreasing the defense against the American troops who landed at the more heavily defended Omaha Beach.

  • True, Dan.olds, Mon Jan 17 14:48
    At least about the "similar kind of dirt," though if Canada can be characterized as "a sort of idiot relative of ours," I am happy to raise high a glass to idiocy. As someone who reads his fair share... more
    • More Canadian contributions — B.J., Tue Feb 08 1:09
      • Re: More Canadian contributionsDaniel Buck, Tue Feb 08 10:16
        Excellent point. 12 or 13 (depending on who is counting) allied countries provided troops, with the US, Britain, and Canada landing the most. I will take this WWII nod to recommend a fine book that... more
    • There's a few exceptions. No doubtDan Brown, Mon Jan 17 22:55
      I do admire Trudeau's willingness to go full blackface at a moment's notice. And also like us, Canada interred their Japanese citizens during WW2, for their own good, of course. They also keep the native... more
      • Oh, I wouldn'tolds, Thu Feb 10 13:35
        suggest trusting Cohen, just listening to him, or better yet, reading him. "Beautiful Losers" is a terrific novel and there are a number of poetry collections that are worth a look-see as well. BTW,... more
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