Bob Cash
Re: total fabrication?
Mon Feb 21, 2022 21:02

B.J., if you look at my post again, you'll see I was warning Karen about Boyer's fabricated account of Wyatt Killing Ringo. This did not appear t all in I MARRIED WYATT EARP, but was published several years later, with Boyer claiming it was in Josie's "original' manuscript, but that he had to delete it because of space considerations. No part of the Casom Ms appears in it. It is 100% Boyer. Very interesting about your face to face with Glenn. I had not heard that before.

  • total fabrication?B.J., Mon Feb 21 2022 18:10
    Actually IMWE was partially based on the so called 'Cason Manuscript' I personal estimate it represented up to 35% of the book. It was very incomplete so Boyer claimed the rest was based on his so called... more
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        Years ago at one of the FoT/TTR events, one of the speakers was a Cason family member. He clearly acknowledged the parts of IMWE was in the actual Cason manuscript and what parts were not in the Cason... more