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Mon Feb 21, 2022 22:10

Years ago at one of the FoT/TTR events, one of the speakers was a Cason family member. He clearly acknowledged the parts of IMWE was in the actual Cason manuscript and what parts were not in the Cason Manuscript. Boyer had previously allowed me to read (and take notes) of the original unvarnished Cason Manuscript but I was nor allowed to make a copy of it. Parts of the MS was definitely included in IMWE but at times somewhat modified. Some years later after reading the original MS, Earl Chafin's brother was selling a modified version of the Cason Manuscript. He had inserted false information in it and the whole MS was spinned. The late Jeannie Cason used to post on our forum and she agreed that parts of the Cason MS was in IMWE. The Cason family was very angry that the Cason manuscript was used in the IWWE book and they demanded that Boyer return the original manuscript. I don't remember if The family ever received the MS back. BTW... I don't remember if you were on our forum in 1999 when I posted the results of my trip to the Boyer ranch earlier that year?

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    B.J., if you look at my post again, you'll see I was warning Karen about Boyer's fabricated account of Wyatt Killing Ringo. This did not appear t all in I MARRIED WYATT EARP, but was published several... more
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