Dan Brown
Re: Wyatt Earp's Death Bed.......
Wed Mar 02, 2022 7:58

I am highly impressed that Albert Behan would be able identify Earp's death bed. The pistol auctioned off as Earp's, after Boyer's death, had had its serial numbers filed off. I reckon Earp had some free time whilst on his death bed.

Boyer was a bit homophobic. Just about anyone who dares disagree with him was henceforth referred to as a Peter Pan.
He and Joe McCarthy had some things in common.

I'm surprised Boyer got away with it as long as he did. It does reveal the short-cuts past biographers took to complete their works. No one thought to check Boyer's sources before Tefertiller?

  • Wyatt Earp's Death Bed.......B.J., Tue Mar 01 2022 10:50
    ... was set up in a small guest house behind the so called Boyer 'ranch house'. The death bed was definitely the type of bed one would find in the 1920's California motor court hotels. However I have never... more
    • DibsErik, Fri Mar 11 2022 20:42
      PIE? LOl...
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    • Truly bizarre, Billy.olds, Wed Mar 02 2022 7:07
      But what in the name of Barnum is a "Boyer Cleric"? (I have my suspicions, but they aren't fit to mention in this forum.) Your story reminds me of another similar one about the Lizzie Borden... more
      • Macabre Olds?B.J., Fri Mar 04 2022 23:18
        I’m not sure if you would have asked to sleep in Wyatt Earp’s death bed? I think that any man asking for that particular accommodation would have been immediately assigned to Boyer’s gay alert radar... more
        • What can I say?olds, Tue Mar 08 2022 5:50
          I do my best work in the dark. Or so the rumor. No voodoux or seances though, at least that I can recall, but then, my powers of recollection, among so many other things, ain't what they used to be.
          • You met Opraherik, Fri Mar 11 2022 21:01
            I didn't. Some of my colleagues did. There was a fire in a senior care facility and, just like Wyatt Earp in Lake's book, they assisted in the safe evacuation of all the seniors. They were invited... more