Macabre Olds?
Fri Mar 04, 2022 23:18

I’m not sure if you would have asked to sleep in Wyatt Earp’s death bed?

I think that any man asking for that particular accommodation would have been immediately assigned to Boyer’s gay alert radar and their political affiliation undergone a background search for pinkos.

Olds, I have to tell you my friend: some years ago you had some people curious why you never left your Larian motel room, at least during daylight hours?

There were several theories in TTR circulation about what you were involved in while sequestered in your room?

Was olds involved in some black magic using voodoo dolls? Was olds doing a seance with the deceased Clanton outlaws?

  • Truly bizarre, Billy.olds, Wed Mar 02 2022 7:07
    But what in the name of Barnum is a "Boyer Cleric"? (I have my suspicions, but they aren't fit to mention in this forum.) Your story reminds me of another similar one about the Lizzie Borden... more
    • Macabre Olds? — B.J., Fri Mar 04 2022 23:18
      • What can I say?olds, Tue Mar 08 2022 5:50
        I do my best work in the dark. Or so the rumor. No voodoux or seances though, at least that I can recall, but then, my powers of recollection, among so many other things, ain't what they used to be.
        • You met Opraherik, Fri Mar 11 2022 21:01
          I didn't. Some of my colleagues did. There was a fire in a senior care facility and, just like Wyatt Earp in Lake's book, they assisted in the safe evacuation of all the seniors. They were invited... more