Wayne Sanderson
Dr. Klein
Mon Mar 28, 21:33

Just from a quick look about, this book appears to have been published a decade ago, and the Four Paws Publishing web link now leads to a chinese language page with zero publishing or Old West content. My guess is this fellow may have owned the English house in or before 2012, and his website is a fossil that hasn’t been updated in all that time.

  • No one in Tombstone knows this manRoy B Young, Mon Mar 28 12:54
    Thanks, Dan. I requested of two friends, Jean Smith and Ron Woggon, that they go by the Allen English house last week. The people there said they did not know him and knew nothing about the book. Jean... more
    • Recently Saw...Mike Mihaljevich, Tue Mar 29 7:59
      I recently saw a copy of the book on ebay. The listing provided a few photographs of select pages. One was a full page reproduction of a tin type alleged to be a teen-aged Virgil Earp. The book sold... more
      • EbayRoy B Young, Tue Mar 29 8:10
        Yes, Mike, this is the one that Mark Gardner purchased and then asked me about it. This, then, started me on the quest to find one. Why do people still think they can get away with falsely identifying... more
    • Dr. Klein — Wayne Sanderson, Mon Mar 28 21:33
      • KleinRoy B Young, Tue Mar 29 7:49
        Thanks, Wayne, Pam and the others who have e-mailed me directly. The mystery continues. I've found two people who have the book and both say it is full of fake photos. Nonetheless... I still want o... more
        • Whsander@gmail.comWayne Sanderson, Tue Mar 29 22:50
          Definitely worth a look for one big reason: People who can’t tell the difference between the real and the fake often have the related problem of not being able to tell the difference between what’s important... more
          • Estate SaleRoy B Young, Wed Mar 30 7:37
            Wayne, with your great investigative powers, please check into Klein's claim to have the bulk of Josephine Earp's personal estate items, including the many never-before-seen photos, all derived from a... more
            • Re: Estate SaleWayne Sanderson, Wed Mar 30 21:35
              I’ll check him out, but I suspect you are right- A fun hunt, but I doubt he has the goods. At the prices the real thing goes for, if he or his heirs really had the goods we’d have seen them on offer with... more
      • Re: Dr. KleinPam Potter, Tue Mar 29 5:56
        This sounds like a book I saw several years ago. AS I recall, it was unremarkable except for the fact that it was kind of a joke.