Re: Dr. Klein
Tue Mar 29, 5:56

This sounds like a book I saw several years ago. AS I recall, it was unremarkable except for the fact that it was kind of a joke.

  • Dr. KleinWayne Sanderson, Mon Mar 28 21:33
    Just from a quick look about, this book appears to have been published a decade ago, and the Four Paws Publishing web link now leads to a chinese language page with zero publishing or Old West content.... more
    • KleinRoy B Young, Tue Mar 29 7:49
      Thanks, Wayne, Pam and the others who have e-mailed me directly. The mystery continues. I've found two people who have the book and both say it is full of fake photos. Nonetheless... I still want o... more
      • Whsander@gmail.comWayne Sanderson, Tue Mar 29 22:50
        Definitely worth a look for one big reason: People who can’t tell the difference between the real and the fake often have the related problem of not being able to tell the difference between what’s important... more
        • Estate SaleRoy B Young, Wed Mar 30 7:37
          Wayne, with your great investigative powers, please check into Klein's claim to have the bulk of Josephine Earp's personal estate items, including the many never-before-seen photos, all derived from a... more
          • Re: Estate SaleWayne Sanderson, Wed Mar 30 21:35
            I’ll check him out, but I suspect you are right- A fun hunt, but I doubt he has the goods. At the prices the real thing goes for, if he or his heirs really had the goods we’d have seen them on offer with... more
    • Re: Dr. Klein — Pam Potter, Tue Mar 29 5:56