Wayne Sanderson
Tue Mar 29, 22:50

Definitely worth a look for one big reason: People who can’t tell the difference between the real and the fake often have the related problem of not being able to tell the difference between what’s important and what’s not. He may have included or mentioned something that he didn’t dwell on as important that might be a pearl.

  • KleinRoy B Young, Tue Mar 29 7:49
    Thanks, Wayne, Pam and the others who have e-mailed me directly. The mystery continues. I've found two people who have the book and both say it is full of fake photos. Nonetheless... I still want o... more
    • Whsander@gmail.com — Wayne Sanderson, Tue Mar 29 22:50
      • Estate SaleRoy B Young, Wed Mar 30 7:37
        Wayne, with your great investigative powers, please check into Klein's claim to have the bulk of Josephine Earp's personal estate items, including the many never-before-seen photos, all derived from a... more
        • Re: Estate SaleWayne Sanderson, Wed Mar 30 21:35
          I’ll check him out, but I suspect you are right- A fun hunt, but I doubt he has the goods. At the prices the real thing goes for, if he or his heirs really had the goods we’d have seen them on offer with... more