Roy B Young
Fantastic Interview
Fri Apr 01, 9:10

BJ, thanks for posting this. Very interesting interview with this wonderful early photographer. My family treasures a photograph Jackson made of John Duncan Young, known as the "Vaquero of the Brush Country." Charles Goodnight had a color painting made of it and presented it to Young - still a family treasure.

  • Old west memoirs......B.J., Thu Mar 31 21:09
    • More to TellMike Mihaljevich, Sat Apr 02 6:35
      This interview is a treasure, but Jackson has a lot more to tell. I encourage people to read his autobiography (published shortly before he passed in 1942) called 'Time Exposure'. In his life he covered... more
    • Fantastic Interview — Roy B Young, Fri Apr 01 9:10
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