Mike Mihaljevich
More to Tell
Sat Apr 02, 6:35

This interview is a treasure, but Jackson has a lot more to tell. I encourage people to read his autobiography (published shortly before he passed in 1942) called 'Time Exposure'. In his life he covered every state and territory in the West, was contracted to photograph progress on the transcontinental railroad, was part of the Hayden Survey that documented Yellowstone in the events that directly led up to it becoming the first National Park...not to mention he was a Civil War veteran who fought at Gettysburg. This book, along with the mountain of photographic work left behind trace a life that journeyed through the West's most storied period and places. His life was an odyssey. It's a book that should be in every western enthusiast's library.

  • Old west memoirs......B.J., Thu Mar 31 21:09
    • More to Tell — Mike Mihaljevich, Sat Apr 02 6:35
    • Fantastic InterviewRoy B Young, Fri Apr 01 9:10
      BJ, thanks for posting this. Very interesting interview with this wonderful early photographer. My family treasures a photograph Jackson made of John Duncan Young, known as the "Vaquero of the Brush... more
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