Jerry Prather
Summerfield store
Tue Apr 05, 2022 9:40

P. H. Feellehy mentioned Summerfield's store at the Coroner's Inquest. From Turner's Inquest: "When I got to the corner of Fremont and Fourth Street, I started to go directly across the street to the northwest corner, or to Summerfield's store." It's not shown on some maps, but is on others.

  • SummerfieldJones, Tue Apr 05 2022 1:02
    Do you know how Summerfield was located in Gird's Block? Jerry Prather Wrote "Anyway, keep plugging away. I am interested in what you are coming up with..." I thought you might find this interesting.... more
    • Summerfield LocationMike Mihaljevich, Tue Apr 05 2022 23:19
      In several high resolution Fly photographs I have taken on Fremont looking east, you can plainly see Summerfield's hand painted sign on the ground floor on the corner lot (lot 13, block 31, also noted... more
    • Summerfield store — Jerry Prather, Tue Apr 05 2022 9:40