Mike Mihaljevich
Summerfield Location
Tue Apr 05, 22:19

In several high resolution Fly photographs I have taken on Fremont looking east, you can plainly see Summerfield's hand painted sign on the ground floor on the corner lot (lot 13, block 31, also noted as 337 Fremont).

    • SummerfieldJones, Tue Apr 05 0:02
      Do you know how Summerfield was located in Gird's Block? Jerry Prather Wrote "Anyway, keep plugging away. I am interested in what you are coming up with..." I thought you might find this interesti... more
      • Summerfield Location — Mike Mihaljevich, Tue Apr 05 22:19
      • Summerfield storeJerry Prather, Tue Apr 05 8:40
        P. H. Feellehy mentioned Summerfield's store at the Coroner's Inquest. From Turner's Inquest: "When I got to the corner of Fremont and Fourth Street, I started to go directly across the street to the ... more
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