Karen M
How did I miss this?
Wed Apr 06, 0:48

Hi Bob,

Sincerest apologies as I missed this completely when you first wrote it.

I was just having one of those moments where something mortifying from the past pops into my head and I begin inwardly cringing all over again. In this instance I suddenly remembered calling the Tombstone literature "tomes" and began panicking all over again that I may have unintentionally insulted someone. So I went back to reread what I wrote in the vain hope I could assuage my mounting dismay when I saw this post (for the record it did not help... I'm still horrified at my choice of words).

I see now that this is the post you referenced in your "for Karen M" thread. So I'll just reiterate that I had no intention of foregoing white literature for grey. The grey literature on here just turned out to be far more enlightening (and at times entertaining) than I had anticipated. I didn't realize the wealth of knowledge available in back catalogue here, but if you think it's best I stick mostly to texts for now then I'll take your advice.

I just wish there were more audio books because I can get through them so much quicker and just bookmark passages/take notes in the app as I go. I have yet to master the art of accomplishing my daily tasks like walking the dog and cooking while reading, so I lose a lot hours I could be soaking up information. I spend a lot of my work day researching as well, so being able to listen to books is a nice change of pace sometimes.

But I have babbled on long enough (arguably too long). Thanks again for your book recommendations and your advice - I appreciate that you took the time :)



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      • How did I miss this? — Karen M, Wed Apr 06 0:48
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