Gary says
Fri Apr 08, 6:17

Erik, I was talking to Gary the other day and he said he saw your message. He doesn't get on the discussion boards any more, but if you want you can email me with how he can contact you and I will forward the info to him. He would love to talk with you. Oh yeah, he said he remembered the "Slippery Nipple" very well. My email is


    • Gary McLelland!erik hewitt, Tue Apr 05 18:32
      Gary, What's up bro? Never forget that night at the "Slippery Nipple!" Hit me up sometime! Erik
      • Gary says — Jerry Prather, Fri Apr 08 6:17
    • Vacant Lot Photo Camera MatchJones, Tue Mar 29 23:37
      Thanks for the info. Not what I was expecting. I was expecting the vacant lot to look more like a lumber yard. Stacks of lumber, wagons to haul it... But, it that was the case, I suppose it wouldn... more
      • Old West MagazineJerry Prather, Wed Mar 30 7:12
        Jones, Gary thought you might find the following from his Old West Magazine site of interest. Also, he thinks that the "unknown person" in the photo is a woman and might be Mollie Fly. https://www... more
        • Re: Old West MagazineJones, Wed Mar 30 22:38
          Enjoyed the video. Not in sync with all the locations, but who is. I find the designation of the building next to Fly's interesting. He designates it as Summers Clothing. The fire map has it as an... more
          • What, where, when...Jerry Prather, Thu Mar 31 8:24
            Hello again, Jones. I am happy to see another investigator into the Tombstone quagmire. Often it seems like a bottomless pit of quicksand. First, I have never seen two maps that agree. Often they disa... more
            • SummerfieldJones, Tue Apr 05 0:02
              Do you know how Summerfield was located in Gird's Block? Jerry Prather Wrote "Anyway, keep plugging away. I am interested in what you are coming up with..." I thought you might find this interesti... more
              • Summerfield LocationMike Mihaljevich, Tue Apr 05 22:19
                In several high resolution Fly photographs I have taken on Fremont looking east, you can plainly see Summerfield's hand painted sign on the ground floor on the corner lot (lot 13, block 31, also noted... more
              • Summerfield storeJerry Prather, Tue Apr 05 8:40
                P. H. Feellehy mentioned Summerfield's store at the Coroner's Inquest. From Turner's Inquest: "When I got to the corner of Fremont and Fourth Street, I started to go directly across the street to the ... more
      • Vacant lotJerry Prather, Wed Mar 30 5:52
        I have read that previously the lot was used as a lumber yard. I remember that years after the gunfight someone claimed that they had seen it from the balcony of the Epitaph. I can't remember who it w... more
        • Witness from the balconyJerry Prather, Wed Mar 30 9:03
          I kept looking and found a post on this board from Tom Gaumer asking about a 1915 claim by attorney Ben Goodrich that he witnessed the street fight from the balcony of the Epitaph. Jerry
          • Re: Witness from the balconyBob Cash, Wed Mar 30 22:15
            Jerry, here's the EPITAPH article Tom was referring to: more
            • I liked the other bit on the page.Randie O'Neal, Mon Apr 04 1:39
              About R.L. Slaughter taking over grazing and improving conditions on the Babocamari grant, while working with Perrin. What year was this from? Given its R.L. Slaughter, likely John’s son?
            • 35 years laterJerry Prather, Thu Mar 31 7:21
              Thanks Bob for the article. There is a lot of gold in the old post on this board, although sometimes it's a chore to find them. "Epitaph balcony" in the search box finally got me to Tom's initial ques... more
            • Re:Re: Witness from the balconyJones, Thu Mar 31 0:09
              Ben Goodrich. That's the guy I was thinking of. The article didn't read to me as though Goodrich was saying where the fight was at. That statement was by the newspaper reporter. The reason I fin... more
      • darn good job...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Mar 30 5:47
        ...thank you! This will be very helpful to a lot of people as so many movies have presented a visual of a much larger space. The lot was only about fifteen feet wide, I believe. In the first one th... more
        • vacant lotJones, Wed Mar 30 23:04
          Thank you. The vacant lot is 20' wide. The little house sets a little farther west than expected (the location on the fire map appears to be correct.) Best wishes, Jones
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