Addie, Hands, and the Start of the Fight
Mon Apr 11, 2022 10:42

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Everyone in the area was ask about what the cowboys did with their hands. Bourland's testimony was considered along with all the rest.

I had an interest in this for a specific reason. When I started the simulation I didn't know which story was correct, the lawman story or the cowboy story. I wasn't going to maintain two simulations so I had to figure out a way to deal with it in a single simulation, and eventually lead to a kind of ah-ah moment. About the only difference between the lawman and cowboy story is what the cowboys do with their hands. A few other odds and ends differ, but not that much. So the solution was easy, just leave everyone's hands at their sides until after the first shots. The idea was that maybe after enough of the fight came together it would reflect back to the initial encounter. And eventually it did.

So what did the cowboys do with their hands just prior to the first two shots. This is my take on it.

All though not a cowboy he was in the vacant lot.
According to Wyatt he threw up his left hand.
I'm good with that.

The lawmen said he threw his hand to his chest in a manner that looked like he was reaching for his pretend gun. This is beyond silly. It would be suicidal and that is when the shooting would start.
If Ike raised one hand chest high then he raised both.

The lawmen said he's hand went to his hip as if (again) reaching for his pretend gun. Same as with Ike, silly and suicidal.
Tom pulled his coat open by the lapels.
So technically, Tom did not raise his hands.

The lawmen said he drew his gun. If Frank had as much as touched his gun as the lawmen approached, that is when the shooting would have started. As I've heard it termed before, "he wouldn't have cleared leather."
Frank is holding the reins of his horse in his left hand. So probably doesn't do much with is left hand. What does he do with his right. Not many people seem to be able see Frank. Their view is blocked. So maybe he raised his hand a little, or maybe he raises his hand a lot. I don't know. But what ever he does, he doesn't touch his gun.

The lawmen said he drew his gun and fired at Wyatt. That didn't happen. If it had, Billy wouldn't make it to the corner of the little house with a bullet proof vest and a speed loader.
Enough witnesses see him with his hands raised that I'm good with that. I expect the defense choose Billy to fire the first shot because he was the deepest into the vacant lot, making him the hardest to see.

And now to Addie Bourland.
Addie Bourland is a thirty-something year old divorcee that lives alone on the outskirts of one of the roughest town in the America. She watched four men walk up and start shooting four other men. Addie only lives a block and a half from three of them and maybe across the street from the other. Addie's in a pickle. I expect Addie wished she hadn't opened her big mouth and told someone that she saw the start of the fight. And I think the nature of Addie's testimony reflects this. Most of her answers can be summerized with one line, "I don't know."
An abbreviated version of some of her questions and answers:
Who did you see raise there hands - no one.
Which party fired first? - I don't know.
Who were you looking at - not at anyone in particular.
Did you hear any conversation - I did not.
About how many shots were fired - I could not tell.
Were all the parties shooting at each other - Looked to me like it.
See any of the parties fall - I saw no parties fall.

And from Addie's testimony, speaking of Judge Spicer, "he went to see the witness at her house and talked with her about what she might further know about the case, and that he, of his own motion, says that he believed she knew more than she had testified to on her examination". Yup, Addie had a front row seat. I kind of admire Addie for this. Try as they might, Addie's not talking. And for good reason. Addie takes a look around the court room. Cowboys on her left, lawmen on her right. Addie asks herself which group does she want to piss off today. I think Addie makes the best choice, neither.

So what might Addie have actually seen.
I think Hatch puts to words quite well what the others imply.
Q. Who of the persons engaged in this difficulty fired the first shot?.
A. I cannot tell. The Earp party and Holliday were standing in front of me close together. I could not see the other parties at that time.
Q. State whether or not you saw any hostile demonstrations on the part of Wm. Clanton, Tom or Frank McLowry, made by them at the time Virgil Earp said, "we have come to arrest you," etc.
A. The Earp party were standing between me and the Clantons and I could not see them.

And that's why Behan only see's Tom, Coleman only sees Billy, and Allen only notices Tom and Billy. Everyone is bunched up blocking the view.
And Addie has the same problem.
Frank's left side is towards Addie. Franks holding the rein's of his horse in his left hand. She might see what he did with his right.
Tom's on the other side of Frank. And doesn't actually raise his hands.
Billy is on the far side of all of them. Highly likely his view is blocked.
Addie not seeing Ike or Claiborne raise their hands is questionable.

I think it's curious that Addie was willing to extend herself enough to implicate Doc Holliday. Seems to be out of character as compared to the rest of her testimony.

And that's my take on Addie, hands, and the start of the fight.

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  • Upraised handsMark Robeson, Sun Apr 10 2022 10:40
    Why do you have the cowboys with hands raised? I believe Borland clearly testified that she saw noone with their hands up. Very well done, really enjoyed it.
    • Addie, Hands, and the Start of the Fight — Jones, Mon Apr 11 2022 10:42
      • Doc's pistolPatrick mulligan, Tue Dec 20 2022 16:50
        What makes you think Wyatt was not walking towards Morgan when the Latter was shot? According to Wyatt's testimony he knew Billy was armed and firing. I believe that Virgil may have fired at Ike as you... more
        • re: Doc's pistolJones, Thu Dec 22 2022 20:19
          Patrick mulligan wrote: What makes you think Wyatt was not walking towards Morgan when the Latter was shot? According to Wyatt's testimony he knew Billy was armed and firing. I believe that Virgil may... more
      • Addie and what she didn't see....Joyce A. Aros, Mon Apr 11 2022 19:25
        ...Addie says she saw Doc step up to Frank, jab him in the gut with his pistol, step back a few steps and shots were fired. Frank grabbed his gut and turned away toward the street still holding the horse's... more
        • Doc's pistolPatrick mulligan, Tue Dec 20 2022 16:42
          The testimony given by the Prosecution witnesses seems to infer that Doc was using a nickel-plated revolver. That does not mesh with Addie's description of the weapon that was used to poke Frank in the... more
        • re: Addie and what she didn't seeJones, Tue Apr 12 2022 13:38
          "Frank grabbed his gut and turned away toward the street..." I've never heard this before. Frank won't be shot until after he's out in the street. (Q) How long did you continue to look at the parties... more
          • Jones/why do you...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 12 2022 18:13
            ...think Frank was not shot until after he was out in the street? He was shot in the gut. Doc was on the walkway area still and Frank would had had to stop and turn toward him if he was to be shot... more
            • Who shot FrankJones, Tue Apr 12 2022 21:53
              Sorry Joyce, but I'm not quite following along with this one. If frank was shot with one of the first shots he'd be staggering around on the sidewalk, not running out into the road. Yes, he has to... more
              • Jones, who shot Frank...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Apr 13 2022 11:11
                ...Addie saw Doc approach Frank and jab him in the gut with what she believed was a large pistol of sorts. Addie, as you noted, was a reluctant witness. When Doc prodded Frank and then stepped back a couple... more
                • re: who shot FrankJones, Wed Apr 13 2022 12:05
                  Joyce wrote: "and Frank immediately turned and staggered toward her or her general direction." I don't recall this anywhere in the testimony. Joyce wrote: "Frank was gut-shot at the outset" By "outset"... more
                  • Jones; Frank turned...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Apr 13 2022 19:47
                    ....It was not in the testimony as you say, but how else did Frank's body end up on the other side of Fremont street, in the general area of her home which was almost across from Fry's? He was witnessed... more
                    • re: Frank turnedJones, Wed Apr 13 2022 20:32
                      Interesting take on it. I like Addie. Took some guts for a single gal to live where she did. Best wishes, Jones
                      • Addie BourlandJoyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 14 2022 8:26
                        ...You will have to set those romantic interests aside, Jones. Addie's husband was a merchant from Arkansas, sold cigars pipes, stationary, confectionary and all kinds of fancy goods. he also invested... more
                        • MarriedJones, Thu Apr 14 2022 15:53
                          Addie was married! Darn it! Why are the good ones always taken ;-) Bet that gal had some interesting stories to tell. Best wishes, Jones
                        • William Bourland vs Samuel BorlandJerry Prather, Thu Apr 14 2022 10:18
                          Joyce, sorry to jump in here, but there are certain things you never forget. About 12 or 14 years ago, there was a mention of William Bourland being a member of the coroner's jury for the murder of Morgan... more
                          • Jerry/thank you!Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 14 2022 11:18
                            ...this is what we do in trying to help put the whole picture together in the right way. I appreciate your digging around and clearing up any discrepancies. And there is a discrepancy. Epitaph records... more
                            • What's in a nameJerry Prather, Thu Apr 14 2022 11:49
                              Joyce, this kind of reminds me of the confusion between Billy Allens. For years we read that Doc Holliday encountered the Billy Allen that witnessed the shootout when he ended up in Leadville, Colorado.... more
    • I am so impressed...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Apr 11 2022 9:19
      ...with the tremendous amount of work involved in this presentation. What a feat! However, it does give us a really good opportunity to view the whole thing more openly, for sure. I am impressed as... more
      • I Hear Prison Sucks...Jones, Mon Apr 11 2022 12:43
        Thank you. I think most of your questions about the lawmen can be summed up by saying, people do whatever they have to do to stay out of prison. Isn't shooting an unarmed man a hanging offense? As... more