re: Testimonies and courtroom time
Wed Apr 13, 13:18

I've managed to dodge jury duty up to this point so I'll take your word for it.
I didn't realize that only one hour of the spoken word was the norm for a weeks worth of testimony. Only the government could design a process so inefficient.

(just repeating, from memory, what I read on this board, which I think was someone repeating what Steve Gatto said...)
There was one court reporter that was the source of all the testimony regardless of where it appeared.
The comparisons between the Hayhurst and the Epitaph versions that I've made appeared to be close enough to the same.

I make no claim to being an expert in the nature of the testimonies.
When I first started the project I copied all the parts out related to the gunfight and put them in a file of their own. Mostly worked out of that file and modified versions of it.
So when I'm talking about testimony, for the most part I'm talking about the parts that contain info about the gunfight.
And those parts are terribly messed up, have a lot of errors, and at least to me appear to be missing info.
Haven't spent that much time in the rest of it. I was rather focused on only thirty seconds.

Thanks for the insight,


    • Testimonies and courtroom time.Gail Allan, Wed Apr 13 12:06
      Jones if you've ever been in a courtroom you'll know it takes a lot more time to get the work done than just the time it would take to read the transcripts out loud. I was in a jury on a medical malpr... more
      • re: Testimonies and courtroom time — Jones, Wed Apr 13 13:18
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