Jerry Prather
William Bourland vs Samuel Borland
Thu Apr 14, 2022 9:18

Joyce, sorry to jump in here, but there are certain things you never forget. About 12 or 14 years ago, there was a mention of William Bourland being a member of the coroner's jury for the murder of Morgan Earp. In passing, I also mentioned that he was the husband of Addie. I had forgotten that a short time previously, Robin Andrews had posted that him being her husband was not true. My dim brain then remembered that Robin had provided that info.

Some time after that, it was revealed that Addie was married to Samuel Borland from 1868 till 1882 and he was living in San Francisco when she was in Tombstone. I hope I have that right. If not Anne Collier, Sharon Cunningham, Bob Cash and other folks that did the research can correct me. I also see about a year ago Suzanne TF provided some more information about Addie. I got this info from putting "Addie Borland" in the search box. Just thought I would mention it, and hopefully after all these years have it correct. Jerry

  • Addie BourlandJoyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 14 2022 7:26
    ...You will have to set those romantic interests aside, Jones. Addie's husband was a merchant from Arkansas, sold cigars pipes, stationary, confectionary and all kinds of fancy goods. he also invested... more
    • MarriedJones, Thu Apr 14 2022 14:53
      Addie was married! Darn it! Why are the good ones always taken ;-) Bet that gal had some interesting stories to tell. Best wishes, Jones
    • William Bourland vs Samuel Borland — Jerry Prather, Thu Apr 14 2022 9:18
      • Jerry/thank you!Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 14 2022 10:18
        ...this is what we do in trying to help put the whole picture together in the right way. I appreciate your digging around and clearing up any discrepancies. And there is a discrepancy. Epitaph records... more
        • What's in a nameJerry Prather, Thu Apr 14 2022 10:49
          Joyce, this kind of reminds me of the confusion between Billy Allens. For years we read that Doc Holliday encountered the Billy Allen that witnessed the shootout when he ended up in Leadville, Colorado.... more