Joyce A. Aros
Jerry/thank you!
Thu Apr 14, 2022 10:18

...this is what we do in trying to help put the whole picture together in the right way. I appreciate your digging around and clearing up any discrepancies.

And there is a discrepancy. Epitaph records indicate what I previously posted but as I said, there may have been a marriage dissolved which might have explained the confusion, as her shop on Fremont was a house which suggests a residence as well but there is no other address recorded for William.

The house on Fremont was moved a few years back to the corner of Third and Allen and is now a popular Bar with too many bikers for my liking. I feel it should have been kept as an historic residence for visitors to enjoy but Tombstone folks are more commercially minded which is sad. Addie's house is now called 'The Four Deuces' saloon if you make it to Tombstone.

Our peripheral characters of the time were very interesting people and we need to know more about them.

Thank you for the input. Hopefully we can find out more with others.


  • William Bourland vs Samuel BorlandJerry Prather, Thu Apr 14 2022 9:18
    Joyce, sorry to jump in here, but there are certain things you never forget. About 12 or 14 years ago, there was a mention of William Bourland being a member of the coroner's jury for the murder of Morgan... more
    • Jerry/thank you! — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 14 2022 10:18
      • What's in a nameJerry Prather, Thu Apr 14 2022 10:49
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