Jerry Prather
What's in a name
Thu Apr 14, 2022 10:49

Joyce, this kind of reminds me of the confusion between Billy Allens. For years we read that Doc Holliday encountered the Billy Allen that witnessed the shootout when he ended up in Leadville, Colorado. Two different guys, of course. Robin Andrews sorted out the truth about that also, since her relation Belle had been married to Billy Allen Le Van. We read and hear this stuff for years, and then....

  • Jerry/thank you!Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 14 2022 10:18
    ...this is what we do in trying to help put the whole picture together in the right way. I appreciate your digging around and clearing up any discrepancies. And there is a discrepancy. Epitaph records... more
    • What's in a name — Jerry Prather, Thu Apr 14 2022 10:49