Daniel Buck
Re: San Francisco 1906 Pre-Earthquake .....in color
Fri Apr 15, 13:51

Wonderful. By 1906, it was clear that the auto was taking over. And already the streets were alive with U turns, jaywalking, and random lane changes.

  • https://youtu.be/sHkc83XA2dY
    • Scenes from a current movie?Roy B Young, Mon Apr 18 9:19
      BJ, this has to be scenes from a current movie, with actors, props, antique cars, etc. I know it's not, but WOW! What a great remastered video. Thanks for sharing this.
    • Re: San Francisco 1906 Pre-Earthquake .....in color — Daniel Buck, Fri Apr 15 13:51
      • DriversEddie Lanham, Sat Apr 16 4:02
        That video was clearly taken before the "drunk driving" laws were passed.
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