Mon Apr 18, 14:32

Let me start by saying, it didn't turn out the way I thought it would either.

I think this will help to explain a lot.
If I was going to explain to someone how to recreate the sim, looking back on it and knowing what I know now, this would be the highlights.

First put in the framework. They all start in the vacant lot, and we know where they all end up at.
Set an end point. I have Frank hitting the ground at 24 seconds.

I said in the video that Light was my favorite witness. And the reason is because his testimony is different. Take Lucas for example. His testimony consists of details about Billy. Light on the other hand isn't much on detail, but rather tells about events in chronological order. Or put another way, as a series. The advantage of using a series is that it helps cut down on the "he said, she said" arguments. After the series is put in, then details can be considered.

This is a series using Light's testimony and other events that we know take place and when they take place.

There's two shots
Ike runs, Tom runs, Frank runs (the scramble)
Ike runs into Fly's
Tom falls at the corner
Frank has made it into the street
Billy can be seen from Light's view point
Two or three men are shooting at Frank
Frank appears to be shot
Frank fires toward the vacant lot
Billy is in the act of sliding down on the ground apparently wounded
Billy makes it to the ground
Billy fires the first of three shots that Light sees him shoot
Doc shoots at Billy
Morgan shoots at Billy
Billy falls, Frank falls (at the 24 second mark)

Frank can be looked at as an independent series.
He runs out into the street, draws his gun, is gut shot, staggers around in the street, fires a couple of shots towards Fly's, runs to the other side of the street, and is shot in the head.

In the series above, Tom falls before Frank fires back towards Fly's. So the solution for Tom is that Tom falls from a gunshot wound at the corner before Frank shoots back towards Fly's.

Ike is solved independently. He rushes Wyatt and runs through Fly's.

These events are now placed on the timeline in the correct order and nudged around until they occupy reasonable spots in time and space. Events are not just points in time they cover a span of time. The result is that events are forced into spots on the timeline.

And this is how the sim is arranged.

Now with everything in place on the timeline details can be considered along with the "he said, she said" arguments.
If someone wants Billy to be waving a gun in the air on his way to the corner of the little house, then he can do that. But it's going to be difficult to rationalize.
With the above sequences in place, solutions start becoming limited.
For the most part there isn't much time left over for the actors to be able to do much more than what I have them doing, which is little more than the basics. But everyone can feel free to add extras as they like.

The video has my analysis of why things fit together the way they do.
Hope this helps to explain why it turns out the way it does and why I'm not overly concerned about conflicting testimony.


    • Re: re: SourcesBob Cash, Sun Apr 17 21:45
      Thank you for this, Jones. I was not aware of the "Famous Trials" page and it will be a useful "go to" document when I want to check out some of the testimony. I do notice that assistant district atto... more
      • Series — Jones, Mon Apr 18 14:32
      • re: re: SourcesJones, Mon Apr 18 14:25
        Bob Cash wrote: "I do notice that assistant district attorney W.S. Williams' testimony is not in the three source documents ..." First time I've heard of him. If he had eyes on the fight it would be... more
        • Re: re: re: SourcesBob Cash, Mon Apr 18 14:51
          Jones, W.S. Williams was a newly appointed assistant District Attorney who testified about a conversation he heard John Behan have with Virgil Earp on the evening of October 26th. He was not a witnes... more
          • Who fired first?Bob Cash, Mon Apr 18 21:13
            Did Richard Rule's article and William's testimony make the case that Behan changed his original story? ... more
            • Bob/ just thinking...againJoyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 21 16:32
              ...I am wondering why you visualize Tom McLaury, who the Earps claim was armed with a pistol and actually attempted to use it, trying to get a rifle off of Billy's horse? If Tom had a pistol, with ... more
            • re: Who fired first?Jones, Tue Apr 19 14:33
              When I first started the project I didn't know who fired the first shots. So I just left everyone's hands at their sides, then continued on with the rest of the fight. After the fist two shots the t... more
              • Jones/see my post to Bob Cash....Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 18:47
                ...about Doc's switcharoo. It's quite simple and we have all done it a lot of times when fixing fence, yard work, repairs on the house, ect.
            • Bob, unless you have a good reason...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 7:44
     reject Kehoe's testimony, I think you might examine it again. He is an excellent position to see what happened in the street. He cannot see into the lot as he is in front of Bauer's, but the Ear... more
      • As usual, I have a problem...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Apr 18 5:16
        ...with Judge Lucas this time. Is there anyone I don't have a problem with? It's 4:00 am so can't sleep and might as well read. I am not looking at the picture of the Gird building right now but se... more
        • LucasJones, Mon Apr 18 15:46
          I'm ok with Lucas for the most part. He sees Billy firing his gun from the corner of the little house and has the fight ending when Billy is disabled. Fits in well enough with the rest of the testim... more
          • not very comforting...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 6:53
            ...I would not like to be the defendant and have you as a juror. I'd like to think a juror would expect more of of a witness than to determine 'that's okay,' or 'good enough.' What he says he see... more
            • LegalizeJones, Tue Apr 19 14:40
              That made me lol :-) I've never considered the fight from a legal standpoint. I'll leave that for the lawyers. When Lucas gets to the door, Billy is already at the corner of the little house. Lu... more
              • Jones/ I think Lucas, from his own description...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Apr 20 7:24
                ...never left his chair until he heard the first two shots. The first shot would have been the duel shots fired at the same time by Doc and Morgan, so close they sounded as one. The second one he hear... more
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