Joyce A. Aros
Bob, unless you have a good reason...
Tue Apr 19, 7:44 reject Kehoe's testimony, I think you might examine it again. He is an excellent position to see what happened in the street. He cannot see into the lot as he is in front of Bauer's, but the Earp party was not into the lot anyway. They were at the entrance of it, so to speak.

Now, Bob, as you know, I am no gun handler, but Doc being able to shoot Frank in the gut, swing the shotgun up partway by lifting it with his gun hand still holding the pistol, and shooting Tom at an angle that hit his chest and rib cage does not seem like a serious juggling act. Have you never lifted something or levered it while you already had a hammer or something else in your hand? I have and I am sure you have.

Also, Kehoe was quite sure that when Doc turned to the street to go after Frank, he was still holding a shotgun or rifle in his hand. And Frank, as he described it, was only THEN drawing his pistol to try to shoot Doc.

Wyatt's account does not stand. If Frank shot at the Earps first, that means he would stupidly holster his gun again as he staggered out to the street and THEN have to draw it again to shoot at Doc!

I find that, as usual, a little hard to logically accept. Who, in the middle of an active gunfight, holsters their gun while they re-think the situation? Not likely.

As usual, Wyatt lied!

    • Who fired first?Bob Cash, Mon Apr 18 21:13
      Did Richard Rule's article and William's testimony make the case that Behan changed his original story? ... more
      • Bob/ just thinking...againJoyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 21 16:32
        ...I am wondering why you visualize Tom McLaury, who the Earps claim was armed with a pistol and actually attempted to use it, trying to get a rifle off of Billy's horse? If Tom had a pistol, with ... more
      • re: Who fired first?Jones, Tue Apr 19 14:33
        When I first started the project I didn't know who fired the first shots. So I just left everyone's hands at their sides, then continued on with the rest of the fight. After the fist two shots the t... more
        • Jones/see my post to Bob Cash....Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 18:47
          ...about Doc's switcharoo. It's quite simple and we have all done it a lot of times when fixing fence, yard work, repairs on the house, ect.
      • Bob, unless you have a good reason... — Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 7:44
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