re: Who fired first?
Tue Apr 19, 14:33

When I first started the project I didn't know who fired the first shots. So I just left everyone's hands at their sides, then continued on with the rest of the fight. After the fist two shots the testimonies are reasonably consistent. Virgil and Wyatt don't contribute a lot.
Regardless of who fired the first two shots, the sim still plays out the same from that point on.
The problem is that if the lawman story is used at the beginning (Billy shoots at Wyatt, Wyatt shoots Frank), it just looks silly.

There's way to much in that article to go over point by point. And as far as putting the sim together it doesn't make much difference. The sim is built from testimonies and coroners reports. Of course others are free to consider other sources, I didn't.

But there is one statement in it that always makes me scratch my head. Maybe you can clear it up.
"For the Behan/Cowboy version of the first shots to be true, Doc Holliday would have had to orchestrate an incredible revolver-shotgun-revolver shuffle..."
How does what Doc do with his guns differ between the two stories?
In the lawman story:
Doc pokes Frank with his pistol.
Shoots Tom with the shotgun.
Then switches back to his pistol.

Isn't that the same routine as the cowboy story?
Doc shots with his pistol.
Shoots Tom with the shotgun.
Then switches back to his pistol.


    • Who fired first?Bob Cash, Mon Apr 18 21:13
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      • Bob/ just thinking...againJoyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 21 16:32
        ...I am wondering why you visualize Tom McLaury, who the Earps claim was armed with a pistol and actually attempted to use it, trying to get a rifle off of Billy's horse? If Tom had a pistol, with ... more
      • re: Who fired first? — Jones, Tue Apr 19 14:33
        • Jones/see my post to Bob Cash....Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 18:47
          ...about Doc's switcharoo. It's quite simple and we have all done it a lot of times when fixing fence, yard work, repairs on the house, ect.
      • Bob, unless you have a good reason...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 7:44 reject Kehoe's testimony, I think you might examine it again. He is an excellent position to see what happened in the street. He cannot see into the lot as he is in front of Bauer's, but the Ear... more
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