Tue Apr 19, 14:40

That made me lol :-)
I've never considered the fight from a legal standpoint. I'll leave that for the lawyers.

When Lucas gets to the door, Billy is already at the corner of the little house. Lucas has had time to make it to the door.
His reference to Billy being on the ground is referring to the end of the fight. Billy is down and out.
So he testifies to seeing the fight from sometime after Billy has made it to the corner, to the end of the fight.
That's perhaps the last 10 or 15 seconds of the fight.
And during that time Billy is shooting his gun. No arguments from me on this. I have him shooting both Morgan and Doc.

Lucas has him shooting while he is standing.
Someone else has him slid down the wall, or squatting leaning against the corner, or something or another.
Someone else has him sitting.
Someone else has him laid back.

What ever position he is in, at the end of the fight he is going to fall to the ground.

I don't see much that is inconsistent with the rest of the testimonies except the position he is in.


    • not very comforting... — Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 6:53
      ...I would not like to be the defendant and have you as a juror. I'd like to think a juror would expect more of of a witness than to determine 'that's okay,' or 'good enough.' What he says he see... more
      • Legalize — Jones, Tue Apr 19 14:40
        • Jones/ I think Lucas, from his own description... — Joyce A. Aros, Wed Apr 20 7:24
          ...never left his chair until he heard the first two shots. The first shot would have been the duel shots fired at the same time by Doc and Morgan, so close they sounded as one. The second one he hear... more
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