Joyce A. Aros
Jones/ I think Lucas, from his own description...
Wed Apr 20, 7:24

...never left his chair until he heard the first two shots. The first shot would have been the duel shots fired at the same time by Doc and Morgan, so close they sounded as one. The second one he heard would have to be the shotgun blast to Tom.

Billy has always been at the corner of the house from the start.

So Frank and Tom and Billy have all been shot before he leaves his chair! He still has to get to the porch. By then, Billy is standing sort of at the inside corner of the house and Morgan is reported as standing at the front corner of the house as he points his pistol around the corner and shoots again at Billy.

So it is Morgan that Lucas sees standing with a raised gun. It has to be because Billy is sliding down at that point, and has not even got his gun out of the holster. He is unable to do that until he is on the ground.

Lucas' testimony is unreliable. He saw only the end of the fight. Billy was already on the ground and Virgil, Morgan, and Wyatt are all shooting at him. Billy doesn't shoot until on the ground and then apparently hits Virgil and Morgan.

From Lucas' vantage point, all of those men were visible. Frank should have been dead in the road, also visible. Tom was not that far away. Lucas should have seen him too. Lucas is up above all of them with a clear view.

He had too much to drink that evening and couldn't get it straight.

    • LegalizeJones, Tue Apr 19 14:40
      That made me lol :-) I've never considered the fight from a legal standpoint. I'll leave that for the lawyers. When Lucas gets to the door, Billy is already at the corner of the little house. Lu... more
      • Jones/ I think Lucas, from his own description... — Joyce A. Aros, Wed Apr 20 7:24
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