Daniel Buck
Arthur F. Wendt
Wed Apr 20, 11:50

Rather a long shot, but this is the place to ask.

I've been researching the activities of an American mining engineer named Arthur F. Wendt (ca. 1850 to 1893), who spent time in Bolivia and Chile in the late 1880s.

This morning I found out that from 1879 to 1886 he was in an out of Arizona -- Globe, Clifton, Tombstone, etc., on a variety of mining endeavors, the Arizona Prince Copper Co. among them.

Anyone heard of Alfred F. Wendt? Anything interesting to offer? Dan

    • In addition...Mike Mihaljevich, Sat Apr 23 7:15
      In addition to Paul's hits on Nov 1 and Dec 28, 1881, I also have him staying at the Cosmopolitan per the Epitaph of the following dates: Oct 22, 1881 (also listed in Nugget) Oct 28, 1881 (listed ... more
      • Re: In addition...Daniel Buck, Sat Apr 23 7:44
        Interesting. Arthur F. Wendt wrote several mining/geological monographs, including a frequently cited one on copper deposits in AZ & NM, and published a photo album (photos by the Boock brothers) abo... more
    • Clean NoseRoy B Young, Thu Apr 21 12:27
      Dan, Wendt must have kept his nose too clean for most of us to have run across him. I just checked 8-10 tombstone books and don't find his name in any of them. If he was ever noticed, perhaps Newspa... more
      • Re: Clean NoseDaniel Buck, Thu Apr 21 17:02
        Thanks, Roy. He popped up a dozen or so times in Arizona newspapers, and was involved in a long running lawsuit, his company Arizona Prince Copper, against Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. H... more
        • Wendt in Tombstonepaul j, Fri Apr 22 10:51
          Dan - I checked my database and found Wendt mentioned among "Hotel Arrivals" twice: Hotel Arrivals [Cosmopolitan] J C Collier and wife, Indiana; J H Collier and wife, Emery City; J McHough, J Scrib... more
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