Joyce A. Aros
Bob/ just thinking...again
Thu Apr 21, 16:32

...I am wondering why you visualize Tom McLaury, who the Earps claim was armed with a pistol and actually attempted to use it, trying to get a rifle off of Billy's horse?

If Tom had a pistol, with the Earps so close, why try to waste time and effort getting the rifle, which is more effective and less awkward for distance rather than twenty feet? Tom was not an amateur! The pistol, if it were there, would have been the preferred weapon! How silly.

Virgil claimed Tom couldn't get the rifle out because the horse was acting up. Why would it be? There had been no noise or activity to scare it and it had to be a working cowpony so it didn't get shook up too easily. Virgil tells this nonsense about when his group is just walking up! There's nothing going on to scare the horse, plus it was ground tied, which meant there was no reason to be concerned about it. Of course, once the shooting started, it bolted, but not when Virgil described Tom trying to get a rifle off it.

As a side note, Tom would not have touched Billy's horse or rifle. No rancher or cowboy would attempt to make use of another cowboy's horse, gun, or hat. Virgil was a city man and didn't know that. To do so would be the highest mark of disrespect.

Do you always believe everything an Earp says without questioning it? They tell tall tales and few people question them because of the name. Stop and examine them; say,...this doesn't sound right.

    • Who fired first?Bob Cash, Mon Apr 18 21:13
      Did Richard Rule's article and William's testimony make the case that Behan changed his original story? ... more
      • Bob/ just thinking...again — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 21 16:32
      • re: Who fired first?Jones, Tue Apr 19 14:33
        When I first started the project I didn't know who fired the first shots. So I just left everyone's hands at their sides, then continued on with the rest of the fight. After the fist two shots the t... more
        • Jones/see my post to Bob Cash....Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 18:47
          ...about Doc's switcharoo. It's quite simple and we have all done it a lot of times when fixing fence, yard work, repairs on the house, ect.
      • Bob, unless you have a good reason...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Apr 19 7:44 reject Kehoe's testimony, I think you might examine it again. He is an excellent position to see what happened in the street. He cannot see into the lot as he is in front of Bauer's, but the Ear... more
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