Daniel Buck
Re: Clean Nose
Thu Apr 21, 17:02

Thanks, Roy. He popped up a dozen or so times in Arizona newspapers, and was involved in a long running lawsuit, his company Arizona Prince Copper, against Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co.

He decamped for Bolivia in 1886 and died in Germany in 1893.

I was hoping I could tart up the narrative with him playing cards with Doc or assisting Ringo's "suicide," but I guess not.

    • In addition...Mike Mihaljevich, Sat Apr 23 7:15
      In addition to Paul's hits on Nov 1 and Dec 28, 1881, I also have him staying at the Cosmopolitan per the Epitaph of the following dates: Oct 22, 1881 (also listed in Nugget) Oct 28, 1881 (listed ... more
      • Re: In addition...Daniel Buck, Sat Apr 23 7:44
        Interesting. Arthur F. Wendt wrote several mining/geological monographs, including a frequently cited one on copper deposits in AZ & NM, and published a photo album (photos by the Boock brothers) abo... more
    • Clean NoseRoy B Young, Thu Apr 21 12:27
      Dan, Wendt must have kept his nose too clean for most of us to have run across him. I just checked 8-10 tombstone books and don't find his name in any of them. If he was ever noticed, perhaps Newspa... more
      • Re: Clean Nose — Daniel Buck, Thu Apr 21 17:02
        • Wendt in Tombstonepaul j, Fri Apr 22 10:51
          Dan - I checked my database and found Wendt mentioned among "Hotel Arrivals" twice: Hotel Arrivals [Cosmopolitan] J C Collier and wife, Indiana; J H Collier and wife, Emery City; J McHough, J Scrib... more
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