Re: A Psychiatrist looks at Custer
Fri Apr 22, 8:12

Here we go again judging people of 140 years ago by today's bias views. He just described half the successful males back then. Custer was always the guy they called on when they wanted the job done. It's funny the haters won't give up but here we are still talking about him today

  • A Psychiatrist looks at CusterB.J., Mon Mar 21 21:54
    • Re: A Psychiatrist looks at Custer — Charlie, Fri Apr 22 8:12
    • Custer's characterJerry Prather, Wed Mar 23 8:35
      A good view into the Boy General's psyche can be had from the T. J. Stiles book CUSTER'S TRIALS. This is from the index. Custer, George Armstrong, character: ambivalent and paradoxical nature of, ... more
      • ExactlyDan Brown, Wed Mar 23 23:25
        The Stiles biography is a very interesting book. He leaves out the LBH and examines what is known about the boy general. I found more reasons to dislike Custer that were character-based as opposed to ... more
    • Looks like the good doctorDan Brown, Tue Mar 22 22:56
      threw a rock in that river. A psycho-biography of Custer...Well, ok. I sort of like what Harry Flashman said of the boy general: I'll never forget Custer, but neither do I forget holes in the road or ... more
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