Re: I already did...
Fri Apr 22, 8:30

Always wondered why Frank left his drink at the Grand and said he had to get his brother out of town. why was he still in town there 2 hours later?

If ikes wagon was being readied. Why did the trouble makers stop in the yard of the Harwood house and not at the West Side Corral to see how it was going?

It's amazing how someone can think Bedans testimony was anything but a story conspired on the night of the fight with the trouble makers at his jail where the clantons were enjoying the accommodations.

    • I already did... — Joyce A. Aros, Sat Mar 26 8:19
      ...Just follow the clues the way I did. Start with the branding iron.
      • Do you mean the premade — Tom Gaumer, Fri Apr 22 13:40
        branding iron rather than the "running" (sp) iron?" most rustlers used? the former almost sure to be a Wyatt make up or imaginary piece of equipment?
      • Re: I already did... — Charlie, Fri Apr 22 8:30
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