paul j
Wendt in Tombstone
Fri Apr 22, 10:51

Dan - I checked my database and found Wendt mentioned among "Hotel Arrivals" twice:

Hotel Arrivals [Cosmopolitan] J C Collier and wife, Indiana; J H Collier and wife, Emery City; J McHough, J Scribner, J H Hund, T C Smith, C P Cowan (Contention), M G Samaniego, J S Robinson, Henry Whitman, F J Landis, S W Rea, Chas. Thornton, F W Heyne, A F Wendt, E T Hardy (Epitaph, November 1, 1881)

Hotel Arrivals [Cosmopolitan] W N Autsell, A Wendt, P W Laravy; J W Halstead, Capt Hansen; Max Bruno, J Friazey (Contention); J Wood; J Kampatscher, A J Merriell; T Lowery, N Holbrook, C Quinn; C N Curtin, W J Wiley; A Barnett (Benson); A B Tierney; Geo Hearst. (Epitaph, December 28, 1881)

This is only a limited sample. He may have visited Tombstone many more times over the six or seven years he was in A.T. Suffice to say, he may have come as a potential investor, a consultant, or even as an expert witness for one of the mining lawsuits (there were many). Best! paul

  • Re: Clean Nose — Daniel Buck, Thu Apr 21 17:02
    Thanks, Roy. He popped up a dozen or so times in Arizona newspapers, and was involved in a long running lawsuit, his company Arizona Prince Copper, against Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. He... more
    • Wendt in Tombstone — paul j, Fri Apr 22 10:51
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