Tom Gaumer
Do you mean the premade
Fri Apr 22, 13:40

branding iron rather than the "running" (sp) iron?" most rustlers used? the former almost sure to be a Wyatt make up or imaginary piece of equipment?

    • I already did... — Joyce A. Aros, Sat Mar 26 8:19
      ...Just follow the clues the way I did. Start with the branding iron.
      • Do you mean the premade — Tom Gaumer, Fri Apr 22 13:40
      • Re: I already did... — Charlie, Fri Apr 22 8:30
        Always wondered why Frank left his drink at the Grand and said he had to get his brother out of town. why was he still in town there 2 hours later? If ikes wagon was being readied. Why did the tr... more
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