Joyce A. Aros
just a notice...
Wed Apr 27, 2022 12:20

...for those interested, my new book "VANTAGE POINT" is available on Barnes & Noble, or should be in a few days.
Thank you! Lots to argue about...have fun!

    • Congratulations!Dan Brown, Sun May 01 2022 13:08
      You're one tough cowgirl. It's too bad you weren't there that day - you probably would have shot first. Good luck!
    • Congrats Joyce …..B.J., Thu Apr 28 2022 11:13
      I will have to check it
      • BJ/ thank you...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 28 2022 18:58
        ...and thank you for providing us all this forum of free speech and ideas. I know we all appreciate the opportunity to sound off!
    • Re: just a notice...Bob Cash, Wed Apr 27 2022 12:59
      Joyce, I have some family medical problems I'm dealing with right now, which is why I haven't been able to set you straight on some of your posts on the thread with Jones, but you know I will be buying... more
      • For what it’s worth…Karen M, Thu Apr 28 2022 3:11
        I’m sending positive thoughts to you and your family. I hope everything is ok, and if it’s not - I hope it gets better.
      • Bob, how can I....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Apr 27 2022 13:04 but appreciate your very direct and gutsy approach to my new publication? At least you are thankful you won't die of boredom along with any other problems. With gratitude, Joyce
    • P.S.....also on Amazon. (nm)Joyce A. Aros, Wed Apr 27 2022 12:29
      • New book? Joyce?AzGal, Thu Apr 28 2022 12:13
        Hi, I noticed there is a new book coming out...Joyce? I don’t know you and I’m new here, my name is Jane...Could you tell me what your book is about? Thank you! ☮️
        • I’m a newbie too…Karen M, Thu Apr 28 2022 22:27
          So I feel weird welcoming you to a group I’m barely a part of yet, but welcome anyways :)
          • New to siteAzGal, Fri Apr 29 2022 0:39
            Hi Karen, Thank you for the welcome, that was nice of, we’re both newbies...hahaha...that’s ok...I know there’s a lot of information to learn here for us to read...Jane
        • Jane/the book is...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 28 2022 16:02
          ...similar to Turner's 'INQUEST' publication but much more extensive. Each chapter is the full word for word testimony of each of the witnesses at the Hearing against the Earps for the big shoot-out. ... more
          • Vantage PointGail Allan, Fri Apr 29 2022 23:08
            Joyce, first congratulations on your new book. I have some questions on the sources you used for your book.. Obviouly the primary contemporary sources are: 1. The actual transcription of the Coroner's... more
            • Gail/ thank you for your post...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Apr 30 2022 10:28
              ...I have relied on all the references you mention but also am inclined to 'read between the lines,' so to speak. As earlier commented on, I was a ranch wife at a time when a lot of old time cowboys and... more
              • Joyce thank you for your reply.Gail Allan, Sat Apr 30 2022 11:15
                I still have a question on where you got the word for word of testimony you used for the Spicer hearing, as that court record has been lost. For the Coroner's inquest we have the actual court records.... more
                • Gail/ I have to admit...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Apr 30 2022 12:02
                  ...that I have had to rely on the very references you refer to; i.e., Turner, Hayhurst, Nugget, and Epitaph because unfortunately that is all we have. There is no doubt whatsoever the records have been... more
          • Book question for JoyceAzGal, Thu Apr 28 2022 16:11
            Thank you for the reply Joyce! I’m interested in reading writings and books by people who have done their research and look for the truth...I saw it was mentioned your book can be found on Amazon...I’m... more
            • AzGal....Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 28 2022 17:50
              ...Be careful! There are a lot on here who think I am a nutter! I try to look at both sides of the incident and so far I have come up favouring the ranchers for the most part so you will find me biased.... more
              • BookAzGal, Thu Apr 28 2022 18:07
                Hahaha...ok, I understand...I’m interested in your point of view , your experience, and the research you had done...All of thos things make for a great read! Thanks again Joyce...☮️