Joyce A. Aros
Thu Apr 28, 16:50

...Be careful! There are a lot on here who think I am a nutter! I try to look at both sides of the incident and so far I have come up favouring the ranchers for the most part so you will find me biased.

However, my defense is I married a cowboy 60 odd years ago and was a ranch wife, so my opinion is swayed by life experience. I am not tied to the printed paper as tightly as some. You can read between the lines without distorting the record.

Just wanted you to know before you spend the rent money!

  • Book question for JoyceAzGal, Thu Apr 28 15:11
    Thank you for the reply Joyce! I’m interested in reading writings and books by people who have done their research and look for the truth...I saw it was mentioned your book can be found on Amazon...I’m... more
    • AzGal.... — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 28 16:50
      • BookAzGal, Thu Apr 28 17:07
        Hahaha...ok, I understand...I’m interested in your point of view , your experience, and the research you had done...All of thos things make for a great read! Thanks again Joyce...☮️