Bob Cash
Nice cover, Joyce. (nm)
Fri Apr 29, 9:30

  • Joyce's Book available on Barnes & Noble nowBob Cash, Fri Apr 29 9:28
    • Nice cover, Joyce. (nm) — Bob Cash, Fri Apr 29 9:30
      • Thank you for the....Joyce A. Aros, Fri Apr 29 11:01
        ...promotion. I am hoping you didn't fall off the corral fence! ...also hope family health problems are not long-range. We have them here too, as do many others, and this world is so stressful toda... more
        • Re: Thank you for the....Bob Cash, Sun May 15 19:27
          Thank you for your sweet thoughts, Joyce. I haven't been able to order your book yet, but will in the coming week. If my fingers are not shaking too much after I read it, I will give it the fair and b... more
          • Bob/ thank you for being so thoughtful...Joyce A. Aros, Sun May 15 22:16
            ...I only just received a shipment a day or two ago and am pleased with it but I will have to read it to see what it sounds like to others. Sometimes I talk like I actually know what I am talking abou... more
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