Jerry Prather
Birth date
Fri Apr 29, 13:36

I often see 1849 given for the year of her birth - I think that's on her tombstone. However, in her book MRS. EARP, Sherry Monahan says that she was born on January 10, 1850 in Ela, Lake County, Illinois. Although Sherry does not provide a specific source for that, she seems to be using U.S. census records. She says the 1850 census lists her as Aurilla Sutherland, the 1860 census as Arilla Southerland, and the 1870 census has her first name as Rilla.

I would highly recommend buying this and several other books written by Sherry Monahan on Old West history. They would be great additions to your library.


  • Urilla Sutherland EarpAzGal1881, Tue Apr 26 12:25
    Hi, I was really interested in asking if anyone knew anything new about Urilla’s birthdate? The fire destroyed Cooke County records of her birth and Quantrill caused a fire which destroyed death reco... more
    • Birth date — Jerry Prather, Fri Apr 29 13:36
      • Sutherland booksAzGal, Fri Apr 29 13:41
        Thank you Jerry...I may not be able to buy them all, but I sure could get a few...So very hard to find Sutherland information, so thanks again...Jane
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