Wayne Sanderson
Quaid’s resemblance to Doc
Fri Apr 29, 21:30

If you look at Dennis Quaid when he costarred in The Long Riders and put him beside John Henry Holliday’s dental school graduation photo, you’ll see that Dennis Quaid, at a similar age VERY closely resembled Doc.

Perhaps the next actor to play Doc might be Dennis Quaid’s son…

  • Re: With bias and ignorance…Bob Cash, Fri Apr 29 14:43
    I have always thought Dennis Quaid's Doc was the most authentic because, as pointed out by Karen M., "...the real Doc had more fire behind his temper when it flared, and he had a polarizing effect on people."... more
    • Quaid’s resemblance to Doc — Wayne Sanderson, Fri Apr 29 21:30
    • Bob/ bias and...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Apr 29 15:00
      ...I agree with your appreciation of Dennis Quaid's portrayal. I've never seen Doc as a rogue charmer as many might like to envision him. I really find him thoroughly unlikable and I think he had a hard... more
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