Gail Allan
Joyce thank you for your reply.
Sat Apr 30, 10:15

I still have a question on where you got the word for word of testimony you used for the Spicer hearing, as that court record has been lost. For the Coroner's inquest we have the actual court records. Regardless of what implement pen, or pencil these were taken in, they were read back to the witness, corrected if necessary, and signed by the witness as correct. These were sworn to, under oath, as correct.

I assume the same court procedure was used for the Spicer hearing, oath, testimony, witness reading, or having their testimony read back to them, corrections, if needed, and finally signing the court record as correct.

Unfortunately we don't have these records for the Spicer hearing. The Hayhurst manuscript was evidently edited by him in the 1930s rether than just transcribed. The Nugget articles are difficult for the average reader to get copies of. I have several days of the Nugget's articles. But am missing several days of critical witness testimony.

I guess I am hoping you have the Nugget's testimony clearly indicated for each witness.

I don't take my history from Hollywood. Nor do I think early 20th century ranchers/cowboys are the same as 1880s ranchers/cowboys.

Thank you for your time, and your answer. I look forward to the book.

  • Gail/ thank you for your post...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Apr 30 9:28
    ...I have relied on all the references you mention but also am inclined to 'read between the lines,' so to speak. As earlier commented on, I was a ranch wife at a time when a lot of old time cowboys and... more
    • Joyce thank you for your reply. — Gail Allan, Sat Apr 30 10:15
      • Gail/ I have to admit...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Apr 30 11:02
        ...that I have had to rely on the very references you refer to; i.e., Turner, Hayhurst, Nugget, and Epitaph because unfortunately that is all we have. There is no doubt whatsoever the records have been... more