Peter Brand
Mike Mihaljevich in the latest WWHA Journal
Mon May 09, 2022 22:10

My WWHA Journal finally arrived and it’s another great edition. Articles by Roy Young and Don Chaput, and an interview with John Boessenecker, were of particular interest.
There was also a gem of a piece by Mike Mihaljevich on comedian, Eddie Foy. Mike again showed how thorough primary research can prove or disprove claims made later in life by frontier characters who were around in the 1870-1890s. The collection of photos of Eddie Foy were good to see for comparison with those already being touted incorrectly as Foy.
I am really looking forward to reading more of Mike’s research and work on the Bird Cage Theater and the people who performed there. He really does his homework and presents facts, backed by primary research, rather than just opinions.

Cheers to Mike and the WWHA

    • Thank youMike Mihaljevich, Tue May 17 2022 14:38
      Peter and Roy, thank you for the plug, confidence, support and friendship.
    • Thanks, PeterRoy B Young, Mon May 16 2022 14:52
      Peter, your kind words on the March WWHA Journal are appreciated. Mike is certainly a good researcher and writer and I anticipate many more good articles coming from him. The June WWHA Journal will... more