Joyce A. Aros
Bob/ thank you for being so thoughtful...
Sun May 15, 22:16

...I only just received a shipment a day or two ago and am pleased with it but I will have to read it to see what it sounds like to others. Sometimes I talk like I actually know what I am talking about and other times I talk like a country hick! Hope I don't confuse people; I can often sound a little arrogant too.

I especially look forward to your scalpel. I know we will enjoy the possible controversy.

I am doing okay with the heat so far as I have an air conditioner in my bedroom window so I have lived like this for twenty years. This big city living can spoil you, you know, but I am a tough old gal.

I hope health problems are not a recurring concern for you. One can get tired and discouraged when one's self or family members suffer, even in small ways. Discouragement is wearing on us. Sometimes I think pain is easier to bear than tiredness and lack of motivation.

Please sit under the cooler with some iced tea and count your blessings. They are there...and you are very kind and appreciated.

Best as always, Joyce

    • Re: Thank you for the....Bob Cash, Sun May 15 19:27
      Thank you for your sweet thoughts, Joyce. I haven't been able to order your book yet, but will in the coming week. If my fingers are not shaking too much after I read it, I will give it the fair and b... more
      • Bob/ thank you for being so thoughtful... — Joyce A. Aros, Sun May 15 22:16
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