Sharon Cunningham
Charleston, AZ
Tue May 17, 5:42

Like the video of Charleston. Was on the TTR Trek to Charleston several years ago and came away with a photo of our Friends Pam Potter, (me), and Anne Collier...I think that's Casey Tefertiller in the background, wearing the white hat. Great visit to an AZ historical site.

I wish I could post this photo... I know there must be a special way to do this, but Roy, if I send this photo to you, could you post it on this site?


    • CharlestonRoy B Young, Mon May 16 13:50
      Nice drone views of Charleston. I've been there several times, but having the drone fly over helps to picture the size and shape of the town and streets. I seriously question the picture labeled as ... more
      • Curly Bill photoRandolph W. Farmer, Wed May 18 7:25
        So you don’t believe the Harpo Marx looking guy in that photo is Curly Bill? LOL. He looks too narrow-shouldered to be the guy described as a muscular giant, built like a wrestler. I don’t believe it ... more
      • Charleston, AZ — Sharon Cunningham, Tue May 17 5:42
        • Posting a PictureRoy B Young, Tue May 17 7:52
          Would be glad to post it in the WWHA on-line Saddlebag newsletter, if that will work for you. "Remember when..." or something like that.
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