Robert Buckley
Virgil E. Earp
Sun May 22, 9:01

    • Math is not my strong suit..Karen M, Sun May 22 14:17
      But I'm pretty sure what the host was calling "this question" was actually 13 questions... I used a couple of different inflation calculators I found online, and although there were some wide fluctuations,... more
      • ...than with his father, Newton. more
        • That son of a -Karen M, Sun May 22 18:26
          I did not see that one coming. How did you know about this article?! Maybe that family has a recessive allele that expresses itself as the behavioural phenotype of wife abandonment… Thats not a real... more
          • Re: That son of a -Bob Cash, Mon May 23 12:20
            Karen, I kind of dimly remembered seeing this article when I was doing research on Virgil W. Earp, but I didn't even get to the point of looking up "Virgil E. Earp" on the Chronicling America" web site.... more
          • Newton EarpRoy B Young, Mon May 23 9:02
            Finally, my book "Newton Jasper Earp: Mystery Brother of the Famous 'Fighting Earps'" is going to press. It should be ready to market in July. The delay was that I had let "Chasing Billy the Kid..." book... more
            • Wonderful news.Mike Mihaljevich, Fri May 27 11:08
              Congratulations, Roy. Given how good your TTR presentation was, it's going to be a great addition to the field. Mike
              • Thank You, MikeRoy B Young, Fri May 27 11:48
                Thank you, Mike. I've added bits and pieces, the past two years, to Newton's story, letting Billy the Kid get in the way as I completed that book. Just had a call that the page proofs for the Billy book... more
            • Re: Newton EarpB.J., Tue May 24 2:06
              Roy, I appreciate the update on both books, please inform when publication details are available. I seem to remember years ago Cindy Reidhead mentioned something about Newton feeling like the family black... more
              • NewtonRoy B Young, Wed May 25 7:56
                Thanks, BJ. I'm hoping to have the books in hand by early July. Cindy was as way off base on Newton as a black sheep as she was on Billy the Kid, making him out to be a hermaphrodite (as she announced... more
                • Re: NewtonBob Cash, Thu May 26 18:52
                  "This book will give us the next to last book to have covered all the Earp brothers. One remains...." Julian, right?
                  • JulianRoy B Young, Fri May 27 11:48
                    Right, Bob. Ole Julian will finally get his due one of these days! Ha. Thanks for the laugh.
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