Karen M
Excellent idea - I tried it out
Wed May 25, 2022 2:19

It was a mixed bag, and it a seemed to work better with men. It even did a better job with a bearded face than it did with mine. It warped my face in 2 pictures almost cartoonishly.

However, when it didn’t work well - you could tell it was off. Even if you didn’t know me you’d be able to tell it was warping my face. It seemed to want to move my eyes closer together when it would turn my face forward (I was trying to use pictures with my head angled slightly like Ringo’s is positioned in the picture)

Watching Ringo again after having looked at how several different faces moved - it honestly appears to be one of the better ones. It seems like it could be making his eyes slightly closer together when he is turned forward too, but not to the extent it did to mine in a couple of them!

I didn’t notice it until I looked at other faces, but when I took a screenshot of him facing forward and compared it to the original photo- it does look like maybe it skewed his eyes a wee bit toward the centre line of his face….It appears to do something weird when he sort of looks down as well, but that I did notice the first time.

So that was a great idea Pam!

Unfortunately it only let me do so many before it’s telling me I need to sign up for a “complete” level account at $32.42 per month - but billed annually so I can’t just play with it for a month then cancel (insert unimpressed face here).

I might just sign up with other emails to get a few more free ones out of them though…

  • Re: Animated Photos - RingoPam Potter, Tue May 24 2022 7:13
    It would be interesting to do this on a photo of yourself or someone you know well, to test how like that person the animation technique really is. I find it more creepy and gimmicky than actually enhancing... more
    • Excellent idea - I tried it out — Karen M, Wed May 25 2022 2:19