Sharon Cunningham
Loving County, Texas
Fri May 27, 6:10

Robert, when I read your post about Loving County, TX, it rang a long-forgotten bell, but I had to do some research to learn why it sounded so familiar.
Here's the reason... it had to do with my old, long-ago Friend, Clay Allison: "... The area was a part of Bexar County from 1837 to 1874, when it became a part of Tom Green County. Eleven people in the area, including Clay Allison, petitioned to the 19th session of the Texas Legislature to become a part of Reeves County. Loving County was created in 1887, by House Bill No. 113 although it was to be attached to Reeves County for purposes, including judicial and surveying...."


  • Loving County Texas has a population less than 100 ....Robert Buckley, Tue May 24 20:15
    ....and the County Judge is arrested for cattle rustling. For some reason I find myself not all that surprised. West Texas living at its best !
    • Loving County, Texas — Sharon Cunningham, Fri May 27 6:10
      • Named for Oliver Loving.....Robert Buckley, Sat May 28 9:52
        Hi Sharon, Butterfield Overland Mail had a stage station at Pope’s Camp in what is now Loving County. Today, this is the least populated County in Texas, and from what I understand, the least populated... more
        • Loving County, TexasSharon Cunningham, Sun May 29 11:11
          Thanks for that Loving County, TX info, Robert. Somewhere in this Clay Allison research mess, I have a copy of the handwritten and signed plea to the Texas Legislature for admittance of this county to... more
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