Butch Badon
Wyatt's House
Wed Jun 01, 13:53

Here is a link to John Rose's research on this house. Has his research been proven to be incorrect?

  • Wyatt Earp’s house in Tombstone?B.J., Mon Apr 11 10:15
    • Wyatt's House — Butch Badon, Wed Jun 01 13:53
    • can't find the photos....Joyce A. Aros, Thu Apr 14 10:23
      ...taken from the hill above the post office in 1880 and 1881 that I have buried somewhere. They showed no house on that property other than a small storage type shed over in the corner. Friends of... more
      • Wyatt's house?Butch Badon, Wed Jun 01 13:38
        Hasn't John Rose proven this was not Earp's house?
        • the linkButch Badon, Wed Jun 01 13:53
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