Sharon Cunningham
Thu Jun 02, 7:19

So, since I neither live in T'stone, nor have I visited in many years... I need expert advice on this pic...
Bob, what's the provenance on this photo? Seems iffy, since neither you nor Joyce... nor Mike has ever seen it, yes?
I have a Friend, who wishes to remain unnamed, who was once researching the architecture of Tombstone; might have more information on this photo. I'll check....

Sharon C.

    • Local LoreMike Mihaljevich, Wed Jun 01 20:38
      The Four Deuces structure is most certainly not Addie Borland's original house. It's so disappointing to continuously see original records not being consulted.
      • ADDIE BORLAND'S HOUSE? — Sharon Cunningham, Thu Jun 02 7:19
        • To Be Clear...Mike Mihaljevich, Thu Jun 02 8:17
          I have seen this photograph before, though I'm not necessarily endorsing the identity of any buildings discussed.
          • Re: To Be Clear...Bob Cash, Mon Jun 06 15:04
            The house in the photo is in or near Addie's lot. Are you saying there is some reason to believe that it is not Addie's or because of other factors we just can't be sure?
          • Mike/ to be clear.....Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jun 02 8:33
   may not be convinced based on the photo but is it possible Larry Noyes used false information from the National Parks Service? Perhaps you should contact him or the HDC as you are a serious res... more
            • To Be Even More Clear...Mike Mihaljevich, Thu Jun 02 8:53
              My position is not based on photographs. Relying on that alone is one way many mistakes have been made.
              • and neither is mine....Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jun 02 9:43
                ...that is the reason for the references regarding the building's renovation and the concern of the HDC chairman, Larry Noyes, at the time. The concern here is whether or not Mr. Noyes has infor... more
        • Addie again....Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jun 02 8:11
          ...It seems I have been misled according to the newspaper article here in my hand which is the 'TOMBSTONE NEWS' and contains an article written by Dustin Escapule, along with photos of what must have ... more
          • Addie again... and againSharon Cunningham, Thu Jun 02 8:17
            Joyce... what's the date on that TOMBSTONE NEWS article? And, yes, could you scan and send me a copy of the article-- with date showing -- by email attachment? Thanks, my Friend. sharon
            • Sharon...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jun 02 8:30
              I don't know how to attach by e-mail but will make a copy and send you in the regular mail. I still function the old way, I'm afraid.
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