Sharon Cunningham
Addie again... and again
Thu Jun 02, 8:17

Joyce... what's the date on that TOMBSTONE NEWS article?
And, yes, could you scan and send me a copy of the article-- with date showing -- by email attachment?
Thanks, my Friend.


  • Addie again.... — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jun 02 8:11
    ...It seems I have been misled according to the newspaper article here in my hand which is the 'TOMBSTONE NEWS' and contains an article written by Dustin Escapule, along with photos of what must have been... more
    • Addie again... and again — Sharon Cunningham, Thu Jun 02 8:17
      • Sharon... — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jun 02 8:30
        I don't know how to attach by e-mail but will make a copy and send you in the regular mail. I still function the old way, I'm afraid.
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