Mike Mihaljevich
To Be Even More Clear...
Thu Jun 02, 8:53

My position is not based on photographs. Relying on that alone is one way many mistakes have been made.

  • Mike/ to be clear.....Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jun 02 8:33
    ...you may not be convinced based on the photo but is it possible Larry Noyes used false information from the National Parks Service? Perhaps you should contact him or the HDC as you are a serious researcher.... more
    • To Be Even More Clear... — Mike Mihaljevich, Thu Jun 02 8:53
      • and neither is mine....Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jun 02 9:43
        ...that is the reason for the references regarding the building's renovation and the concern of the HDC chairman, Larry Noyes, at the time. The concern here is whether or not Mr. Noyes has informed... more